The Gallo Center Fund

In celebration of our 15th anniversary, we are launching the Gallo Center Fund (GCF), an initiative that will help ensure innovative cultural programming and increase our community outreach efforts through the generosity of major donors above and beyond annual membership.

The GCF helps create opportunities for the Gallo Center for the Arts in these areas:

Special Engagements

The Gallo Center is committed to bringing the world’s greatest artists and companies to our venue. Some shows break the mold. When their fees stretch beyond the reach of our normal capacity, the GCF will help fill the gap.

Elevating Innovation

The Gallo Center is committed to investing in artistic partnerships and innovative programs, to help explore new directions in the performing arts meant to encourage and inspire creativity. The GCF will help accelerate these initiatives.

Expanding Our Mission of Arts For All

The GCF helps to underwrite the cost of free year-round community engagement efforts like drum circles, outdoor concerts and community yoga, as well as public art programs like painting classes, chalk art festivals, and storytelling.

Gallo Center Fund gifts can be directed through charitable gifts funds, such as DAFs or QCDs, as well as cash or gifts of securities. To find out more about The Gallo Center Fund please contact Kristen F. Kenyon at (209) 338-5032 or by email.