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Employee Directory

Administrative Office

Phone Numbers:
Local: 209-338-5000
Fax: 209-338-5006

Ticket Office

Phone Numbers:
Local: 209-338-2100
Toll Free: 1-877-488-3380
Fax: 209-338-2106


Lynn Dickerson
Chief Executive Officer
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Jim Shirley
Artist Relations Manager
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Cortney Hurst
Lease Relations & Events Manager
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Bryan Branco
Director of Finance
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Nicole Firpo
Accounting Specialist
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Carla Whitehurst
Director of Development
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Amber Flores
Development Manager
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Theater Operations

Al Poulus
Director of Technology & Theater Operations
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Tony G. Accurso
Web Developer
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Kathi Tennant
Customer Service Supervisor &
Arts Education Ticket Sales Liaison

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Carson Pellanda
Customer Service Supervisor
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Bobbie Felser
Ticket Office Manager
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Rachel Stelle
House Manager
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Lynette Gould
Assistant House Manager
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Andrea Cook
Concessions Manager
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Doug Hosner
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
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Jim Johnson, Ph.D.
Arts Education Coordinator
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Mallory Mitchell
Marketing & Public Relations Manager
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Raul Garcia
Community Engagement Manager
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Erik Vose
Director of Production & Technical Operations
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Cassie Vorbach
Lead Lighting Technician
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Dustin Venicombe
Lighting Technician
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Wesley White
Lead Audio Engineer
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Don Setaro
Audio Engineer
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Shannon Wren
Stage and Facilities Manager
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